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‘Life as Research Scientist’: Anna Troupe, Creative Designer and Social Thinker

Anna Marie Troupe was born in Mississippi in 1977 and grew up in Huntsville, Alabama. The fifth daughter of a mechanical engineer and an administrative assistant, Anna made a point of pushing the boundaries of her creativity. She studied furniture design at Savannah College of Art and Design and had the honor of exhibiting a chair at the Salone del Mobila in Milan, Italy. Her work was also published in a book called, “Creative Solutions for Unusual Projects.”

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An EL of a Wire which is Essentially a Standard Wire

Pity the poor Neon light – for so long the king of illuminated displays, the Las Vegas favourite, the flickering indicator of all that was exciting, glamorous and sleazy. But now Neon’s time in the limelight (pardon the pun) is over – environmental concerns, expense and impracticality have all led to a reduction in the requirement for Neon’s services. But the main culprit responsible for Neon’s demise is the rise in the quality and variety of electroluminescent lighting options available. In particular, the versatility of electroluminescent (or EL) wire means that it’s now possible to create lighting designs and displays of a quality and intricacy that Neon can’t compete with.

EL wire is essentially a standard wire that is coated in phosphor and then covered in a PVC sheet. When current is passed through the wire it begins to glow, emitting light throughout 360 degrees. Because the principle behind EL wires can be applied to wires both large and small, and because wires are infinitely more pliable than glass, the applications for EL wire are limited only by budget and imagination. (more…)

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EL Wire Brightens Our World

Electroluminescence has come a long way since its discovery at the start of the 20thcentury. For many years the scientists who pioneered its development struggled to come up with practical applications for electroluminescent technology – early uses of the discovery lacked the lifespan to work as practical lamps and light sources, whilst its unreliability made it difficult to use in displays and interfaces.

Undeterred by their setbacks, the boffins working on electroluminescence didn’t give up, and thank goodness, because today electroluminescent light has evolved into a technology that has myriad applications all over the planet. (more…)

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