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Write Ideas, a new app from the Microsoft Garage, helps students bring their ideas to the page

For Claudia Vormbaum, 23, overcoming her academic struggles due to ADHD and dyslexia is a continuous work in progress. But as an intern for the Microsoft Garage in Vancouver, Canada, she spent four months with other interns on a team developing an inclusively-designed app that helps students with the pre-writing process. (more…)

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Familiar yet strange: Water’s ‘split personality’ revealed by computer model

Seemingly ordinary, water has quite puzzling behavior. Why, for example, does ice float when most liquids crystallize into dense solids that sink?

Using a computer model to explore water as it freezes, a team at Princeton University has found that water’s weird behaviors may arise from a sort of split personality: at very cold temperatures and above a certain pressure, water may spontaneously split into two liquid forms. (more…)

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