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Nobels explained

UD faculty members discuss 2013 prize-winners at annual symposium

Today’s chemists might work at a computer as often as in a laboratory, medical researchers studying conditions such as diabetes rely on understanding how cells carry and deposit materials within the body, and average investors in the market increasingly buy index funds to average out the short-term ups and downs of individual stocks.

The discoveries that led to these changes are among the work that was honored by this year’s Nobel Prizes. (more…)

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Grandson of first chemotherapy doctor now teaches at Yale School of Medicine

When Dr. Dieter Lindskog first began walking the halls of Yale School of Medicine a decade ago, people would stop him often to ask, “Are you by any chance related to …?” Now they stop him rarely, either because they know the answer or are too young to recognize the famous name — that of the grandfather who upended accepted tenets of medical practice and, in doing so, gave birth to the science and art of modern oncology. (more…)

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