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IBM Analytics Helps Medical Researchers Detect Complication In Stroke Patients

IBM Corporate Headquarters, Armonk NY. Image credit: IBM

LAS VEGAS, – 26 Oct 2010:

IBM today announced  a new project in which researchers at Columbia University Medical Center will utilize IBM’s streaming analytics technology to potentially detect severe complications in brain injured patients up to 48 hours earlier than traditional methods.  

For patients that have suffered a bleeding stroke from a ruptured brain aneurysm, recovery can involve serious complications.  One of the most severe and frequent complications is delayed ischemia, a life threatening condition in which the brain does not get enough blood to function properly.  Currently, detectable symptoms only appear once blood flood has been significantly reduced, forcing medical professionals to be reactive instead of preventative in their treatment. In 20 percent of patients with this complication, there are no observable symptoms at all and it is only after it is too late that their doctor realizes that the patient needed treatment.   (more…)

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