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Student Spotlight: Internship in D.C. will prepare Dinée Dorame to advocate for Indigenous women

Yale junior Dinée Dorame, a member of the Navajo Nation and Tábaahá (Edge of Water clan) born for Naakaii Dine’é (Mexican people), hopes one day to help improve the lives of Indigenous women through a career in law or as a policy maker.

As one of 12 students in the nation selected by the Udall Foundation to be a 2014 Native American Congressional Intern, Dorame will get a first-hand look at federal decision-making this summer. Only three other undergraduates were selected for the competitive internship, which places American Indian and Alaska Native students in positions in Senate and House offices, Cabinet departments, the White House, or on federal committees, so they can get an insider’s view of the federal government at work. (more…)

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Laser Instrument on NASA Mars Rover Tops 100,000 Zaps

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has passed the milestone of 100,000 shots fired by its laser. It uses the laser as one way to check which chemical elements are in rocks and soils.

The 100,000th shot was one of a series of 300 to investigate 10 locations on a rock called “Ithaca” in late October, at a distance of 13 feet, 3 inches (4.04 meters) from the laser and telescope on rover’s mast. The Chemistry and Camera instrument (ChemCam) uses the infrared laser to excite material in a pinhead-size spot on the target into a glowing, ionized gas, called plasma. ChemCam observes that spark with the telescope and analyzes the spectrum of light to identify elements in the target. (more…)

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