Strict diet for monkeys

Reuters news. Subject – monkeys. They are getting fat, fatter and (may be) fattest of all the monkeys on Earth.

Place of incidence: Ohama park in Osaka, Japan.

Some of these Rhesus monkeys got such-much weight that they are not nimble anymore to keep them fit rather becoming lazy and slow-moving. So the authority took a hand: the monkeys are now feeding on low-calorie food. May be an exercise scheme will be introduced to bring their beauty back or even plastic surgery. 😉

If the monkeys will go through plastic surgery this will be the first of this kind for any animal to keep its waist line artificially controlled. But in the 21st century everything is possible (almost).

One of the reasons why they became so fat is the zoo’s 24-h open and the visitors through bananas and other foods inside the prison where the monkeys are arrested. So they don’t follow any diet – just on meal without break.

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