Space Mission

While there’s ‘Big Bang’ in Wall Street and theatres in Washington to reach a deal, China started to walk in the Space. Cheers!!!

The astronaut Zhai Zhigang, the first man from China, walked today in the Space. He is the mission commander of the spacecraft that’s now orbiting Earth 343 kilometres above. This is China’s third manned spaceship. The astronaut was about 20 minutes outside of his ship.

Other than military interests, one of China’s goals is to set up a Space Station.

Well, do…………do…………….do not forget, there are more than one billion people in China. So this could be (in fact) the main reason to find plenty of space in the Space. May be (once again, may be) the secret is here. That means in the next decades the whole Space (the Earth’s orbit) will be full of Chinese pedestrians. 🙂

Humm…….thinking of those wonderful days. 😛

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