Solar energy – new tech, low cost

The idea is simple. Sunrays will hit the painted glass, the dyes will capture (absorb) the rays and will bounce it out to the edges of the glass where the tiny solar cells await the supply. And the house or factory owners are happy as they will not bear any bad name as carbon dioxide emitters. 🙂

Not only the advancement of the solar technology like that the system can even be used as windows, but at the same time to reduce the production cost are the aims of the research. Although it’s an alternative energy sources but the cost of solar energy is very high as is the case with Spain’s famous Solar Tower outside Seville (in Southern Spain). The power from Seville solar plant is three times more costly than the conventional sources.

Prof. Marc Baldo is leading the research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Solar plant in Seville.

Sources: Reuters, BBC

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