Secrets of longevity

After reading Dr. Mao’s ‘secrets of longevity’ on Yahoo!Health, some points seem very interesting to share with our readers.  The interesting points are:

  • take small meals five times a day rather than three big ones,
  • eight glasses of water a day,
  • climb the stairs instead of elevators, and
  • meditation in the ‘ocean of stress’ of today’s world 

Well the first point is if you take small meals the metabolic processes will need less energy to digest it. That means it will save some extra energy in your ‘work-house’. That’s good. Suggestions of eight glasses of water looks like a standard formula. It can be even more based on the demand and availability of pure drinking water. Climbing the stairs are good but only upto 3 or 4 stories, above that you will need the elevator. Well a passionate climber can go even 10 stories more. And finally meditation. It’s the best medicine of today’s stressful world. No doubt. 

So follow the good advices of good doctor Mao and live long, happy strong!! And finally one of our suggestions – don’t forget to laugh when there is an occasion. Laughter is the best medicine of all anxieties. It brings new oxygen to your blood and moves the muscles. So now you got all the secrets of a long life. Be happy and feel free to laugh and do meditation 🙂 .

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