Biofuel, food price

Higher the biofuel production higher the food price. The relation looks like this. One thing left…….higher the biofuel, lower the dependence on fossil fuel. So what’s happening now??

Fossil fuel is the major source of energy. It’is mainly cruide oil, refined and used. But cruide oil production is limited to certain countries and is one of the reasons for many unrest worldwide. Therefore a need for alternative energy was essential. Biofuel is one such option. 

Corn is recently used to produce ethanol. Sugarcane as well. Ethanol or ethyl alcohol is used as fuel……it’s environment friendly as it significantly reduces harmful exhaust emissions, and it is biodegradable. Whereas fossil fuel is a source of greenhouse gases. 

An over emphasize on corn or sugarcane has caused the food price to go up world wide. Many farmers preferred to produce corn as it brings more money while it caused a deficit in food supply in the market. It’s a irony. It will be better for the governments and world bodies to make a careful calculation of how much biofuel we can really produce without harming the local food supply. What we are going to do with fuel while leaving mass population in hunger. That’s a crazy move. It will easily destabilize societies and cause political unrest. Hunger is more powerful fuel than biofuel. We should not forget it.

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  1. Layla Cook

    Every government should focus more on Alternative Energy so as not to be too dependent on Oil and avoid air pollution as well.,””

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