Root Canal Symptoms: 6 Ways to Tell If You Need a Root Canal

Dental procedures usually differ according to the specific need of the client. A consultation with the dentist is one of the best ways on how you can identify the exact treatment you should have. Your specific experience and the symptoms will give the dentist an idea of what should be done to deal with your teeth problem. One of the most common treatments that people with weak or decayed teeth get is a root canal. 

What is the Root Canal?

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As a dental procedure, a root canal is done to clean decayed and infected teeth with the purpose of preserving them. In this specific procedure, you can expect different steps to be taken by the dentist. First, the bacteria and the decay will be extracted from the root and the nerve of the affected tooth. After that, the area will then be disinfected using antibiotics. The next part of the process is to empty the roots and seal the area. This way, new decay will be prevented. Generally, the root canal treatment is known as an endodontist. 

Root Canal Symptoms:

For you to be able to know initially if you need the treatment, here are some of the obvious root canal symptoms that you should check:

Sensitive to Heat and Cold

Whenever you are drinking hot beverages such as coffee, you will feel pain in the affected tooth. In other circumstances, eating ice cream or just drinking a glass of ice-cold water can induce a feeling of sensitivity. The feeling may range from dull aches to sharp pain. If this is something that you experience for a long period of time, you may have to consider being checked to determine if the problem is related to the root canal. 

A Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Other issues may result from chipped or cracked teeth. Most people experience having chipped or cracked teeth because of an accident or by chewing on hard food. If you have chipped or cracked teeth, it becomes a reason for bacteria to enter and cause infection or inflammation. When your tooth is injured, this also becomes a reason for some feeling of sensitivity, which will then become a reason for you to still need treatment for a root canal. 

Severe Pain

One of the most common signs that you need root canal treatment is severe pain. This is the kind of pain that does not go away and that bothers you every day. This is also the kind of pain that is deep and the one that pierces through the bone of the tooth. Sometimes, it can also be felt in your jaw, in the face and it may extend to your other teeth. There are different causes for tooth pain, which are not limited to the presence of a cavity, infection, damaged filling, or gum disease. Letting your dentist check on this will help you identify the specific cause. 

Tooth Discoloration

There may be different reasons that can cause tooth discoloration. One of the most common causes is an infection in the pulp of the tooth. Aside from that, it can also be because of the trauma experienced by the tooth. This can cause the internal tissue to break down and later becomes a reason for the roots to be damaged. This is why the tooth becomes grayish and black. This is the exact condition that needs root canal treatment. With this, it is going to be a good idea to consult your dentist when you notice teeth discoloration. 

Deep Tooth Decay

This specific symptom can be defined as the damage to the surface of the tooth, which is called the enamel. This is something that is caused by bacteria that allows acid to attack and directly affect the enamel of the tooth. This then leads to observable damage and holes in the affected tooth. But aside from that, it can also cause pain and infection if not treated early. 

Swollen Gums

This is a condition connected to tooth infection. This is also noticeable. There are other causes such as brushing or flossing in a hard manner. If you feel pain and tenderness whenever you touch your swollen gums, you should visit the dentist for a consultation

Bottom line

Whenever you experience a problem or an issue with your oral health, you need to know that this can affect your overall health. This is why you should be aware of the different symptoms of every condition. This is the easiest way to identify the problem. Aside from the ones that are provided above, it is also better to consult and expect to really be able to point to the root cause of the issue. 

Taking care of your teeth is something that you should add to your priorities. There are different things that you need to do regularly. Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash are just a few of those that will save you from any oral condition. Maintaining your oral health is something that will also save you from other conditions that may arise because of what is happening to your teeth and your gums.

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