Numerology Guide: Your Destiny Number rules your Future

Through the ages man has formulated various ways to provide an insight to his nature that comprises of tarot cards, dream interpretation, astrology, palmistry as well as basic numerology. These methods are used to discover the inner self. All of these practices share a common reputation as “the tools of divination”. Though, it is often said that there is no one to predict your future accurately. Instead basic numerology as well as other tools teaches us about ourselves and it also offers various options available to us in any given circumstances.

There are several methods of divination which are intimately intertwined, each of which are related to the other in some way or the other. In the tarot, basic numerology as well as astrology is both portrayed in the symbols that are used to illustrate the cards. Astrology depends on the mathematical correspondences to help construe what each of the twelve houses symbolizes, just as basic numerology, a numbers vibrations might communicate to a particular planet or sign which rules the sign. A reader will make use of each approach to do a reading or she can also get herself specialize in any one.

From where Did Numerology Come?

It is often said that the basic roots of numerology started with a statement by the famous Greek philosopher Pythagoras where he mentioned that the world is created upon the power of numerological values. In a sense, the Greek philosopher was right. When you minutely concentrate on it you will find that the universe is truly created on the mathematical theories. Students of quantum physics as well as the scientist can only let you know that everything on this earth can be easily broken down into numerical theories and mathematical pattern. Names, birthdays, events, places as well as all other things could easily be responded to numerical vibrations that could facilitate you with certain personality traits and potential future trends.

Each figure is considered feminine as they could be easily divided and the odd numbers are regarded masculine as they do not simply go down in the same way.

What is Destiny Number?

Any number which is derived from every letters in your FULL BIRTH NAME is recognized as Destiny number or Expression number. Though this number is recognized by both of these names all through the site it will be referred to as Destiny number.

Destiny is a descriptive term. This number describes the tasks that you should achieve in this lifetime by making use of the name that was provided to you by your parents. The complete birth name of yours represents the scopes you have got at your disposal. This is now and then referred to as destiny or potentiality. Living up to the traits of this number may not be that easy but it is your mission today. It is your life’s intention, your field of opportunity and spiritual mission. Apart from the Life Path, the Destiny number too reads who you are along with what you can aspire to become.

Ways to Calculate Destiny Number

To reach out to your Destiny number, consider each name separately as well as add up the letter values by making use of the conversion chart that you can get from the various websites. Then you need to reduce each of the names into a single digit. Add up the results and arrive at the total. Finally reduce it to a single digit once again.

Try to avoid using nicknames, deviations in terms of spellings, assumed name or omit any element from the birth name. You need to use your birth name in the same way it appears on your birth certificate. You do not have to worry about your changed married name. You just have to stay with your birth name completely.
So, this is how your Destiny number rules your future.

– By Clary Josee

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