New Alexa Ranking

According to Alexa, they were working hard behind the scenes for several months to make more accurate rankings for sites on the net. This has changed the traffic ranks of some sites drastically. As Alexa is saying they now included more sources and improved methodology to present better rankings, in fact, it is not better ranking but more accurate ranking. This will be the correct statement. However, most of the bloggers have already noticed this change.

Our traffic went up from 178,000 to 128,000. This we expected and hope it will be within the first 50,000 sites very soon. 

Here is a round value. 

Sites we visit most                     Before                           Now 

CNN                                         100                               50

Techcrunch                               900                               1,700                                  2,000                            1,800 (almost no change)

Problogger                                 3,000                            12,000

JohnChow                                 5,000                            17,000

Webpronews                             7,000                            9,000

Greenpeace                               7,000                            7,000 (no change)

Doshdosh*                                7,000                            33,000

Treehugger                                10,000                          5,000

got2begreen                           100,000+                   100,000+ (no change) 

                                                             *who fell drastically is doshdosh 

The Universal Sites 🙂

YouTube                                   2                                  3

Google                                      4                                  2

Facebook                                  6                                  8

Wikipedia                                  9                                  7 

Yahoo! remained as no. 1 (Universal position). 

Congratulations Yahoo!, Google and Wikipedia 😆 .

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