Beautiful women, less attractive man

Researchers after hard research 🙂 concluded a reason why ‘beautiful women marry less attractive man’. They found couples where the woman is beautiful (first class 😉 ) and the man is less attractive (let’s say, second class 😕 ) are more ‘positive and supportive’ than other match-ups. Why??

Because less attractive men usually pay more attention to their beautiful wives. Beauty matters. For women money matters, height of men as well.

But don’t believe the research completely. It was assessed from studies on 82 couples. There are millions left. Personal values, surrounding situations all need to be assessed at the same time to get a true picture. The survey mainly aimed at the couples where woman is beautiful and man is less attractive (let’s say a third class survey 😈 ).

Beauty is relative and varies from each persons own way of thinking. That’s it. Now hear a ‘love song’ from Joe Cocker

Source: Yahoo! News

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