Looks like the deal is going to happen soon

Long-awaited ‘M-Y’ deal is going to happen soon. It looks like so. M-Y is the abbreviated form of ‘Microsoft ‘n Yahoo!!’ (let’s say a suggestion from BlogArena).

Reports from influential media like the Wall Street Journal, AP and others are broadcasting news for a higher Microsoft bid to buy Yahoo! for as high as 35 dollar per share which will make a value of Yahoo! for 50 billiion dollar. 50 Billion ………………..O – M – G……..!!! 

Buying Yahoo!, Micorsoft will have greater access into search and online advertising. Together hotmail and Yahoo mail will have users of around 500 millions or even more. This is already a huge number of people to feed with online ads next to opening mails. That means Microsoft will soon appear as a gladiator in the www ring and will have a very mighty hand. Unlike Google who shares its huge ad inventory with millions of online publishers, both Microsoft and Yahoo are far behind the line. Openness is very important tool here for successful marketing. May be MS will move towards this direction after buying Yahoo! 

But what about the name? People are speculating for Microhoo!, but what about only my.com (Microsoft ‘n Yahoo!.com). This will centainly be a nice name although there exists a website named my.com but our new MY.com can easily buy that site too and merge all three together. It’s our suggestion. Remember: Good things come in three’s.

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