Keep Your Public Relations Fresh as a Daisy

Is your organisation’s public relations practice stale? Or maybe it’s dead? If you are not taking advantage of good PR, then you are missing out on big opportunities for growth. Not only that, but you are probably failing the responsibility you owe to your stakeholders. Good PR means taking your organisation’s presence in the community seriously. Do a good job and keep it fresh.

Do you have a plan?

What is your public relations plan? Is it organised? Is it written down? Do you have a coherent strategy? If you can’t answer these questions, then you have work to do. This work will translate into better opportunities for your organisation. Good PR software is a great place to start because it gives you a platform to work upon instead of starting from scratch. Also, it prompts you to think about areas you might have overlooked.

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Many daisies to water

The public in public relations can mean many different sectors. You have the general public, partners, stakeholders, politicians, the press and investors just for starters. All of these relations require close and personal attention. If you leave it to chance and poor organisation, you are going to end up with a bed of wilted flowers. If you have the process automated and well controlled, you will have prize-winning daisies sprouting up before your eyes.

This doesn’t mean you’re PR becomes cold and impersonal. It means that you consider it important to give the best care and attention possible to your public relations.

Evaluation and follow-ups are important

Any initiative by any organisation has good intentions. But good results are not universal. This is where monitoring and evaluation comes in. You don’t want to take anything for granted. You want the data on hand to know if things are progressing, slowing or stopped. Then you can make the proper adjustments to improve your operations. In public relations this should be no different. It is an operational task that requires constant evaluation and improvement. High-quality PR software makes this process easier and more efficient. In the end you save time and money, and you get better results.

Good in-house communication means teamwork success

You have to keep your team informed. When everyone understands and is with the same game-plan, then the chances of victory are increased. You need good communication. In a way, this is internal public relations. Engage your team and keep them motivated. This will then spill over into healthy PR.

It’s about a relationship

You want to have a good rapport with the public. You want them to see you in a positive light and have them understand and support your mission. Public relations are exactly that: a relationship. And in any good relationship, communication is the key to success.  Don’t leave it to chance. Don’t leave it disorganised and uncultivated. Water your relationships in a healthy, personal and organised manner. Use the technology to your advantage to keep your daisies fresh.

*Author’s Bio: Tina has been involved in non-profit management for the last eight years. She knows the value of good PR software for any organisation.

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