IT in Environmental Observation and Protection

The world of information technology is rapidly evolving to a point where it’s hard to keep up. At the same time, the world’s condition is taking a turn for the worse each day. How are these two related — you might ask.

It’s simple. IT was developed as an economic driver, but with new enhancements in the industry, it can also be used to help save the planet, thus allowing the future generations to breathe clean air and explore clean seas.

The Role of Information Technology in Protecting You, Me, and The Environment

Unlike its roles in other industries, information technology does not have a direct hand in saving the environment. However, through advancements in the field, we can generate the right data and information we need to develop methodologies and techniques that would help propel environmental protection to a new level.

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IT helps create intensive databases that various agencies use to understand the current state of our world on a deeper level. For instance, the government of India has created ENVIS or an ecological information system.

The primary goal of ENVIS has always been to provide environmental information for a list of professionals such as engineers, scientists, and even policy planners. In general, it has been generating a database for clean technologies, biodiversity, wildlife protection, renewable energy, and pollution control, just to name a few.

Another vital IT advancement in helping the environment is the Geographic Information System, or better known as the GIS.

It is considered as one of the most useful tools when it comes to environmental management. It processes different thematic maps using digital data gathered through a connected network. Currently, it keeps track of digital information on various elements such as forest land, soil type, industrial growth, human settlement, and more.

Similar to ENVIS, the data from the GIS is directed to various professionals and agencies for the development of solutions and other helpful technologies to help in the fight for a better future.

ENVIS and GIS are just two of the largest IT-based agencies for environment observation and protection services. There is growing support for similar agencies worldwide, and these will surely push forth a better future for the current and future generations.

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