If Aliens Attack!!

According to a recent AP poll that interviewed little above 1000 adults, 14% of the participants told they have seen a UFO. We all know what UFO means, unidentifying flying object. That object which sometimes flies but without any license and disappears leaving the spectator in a puzzle about the Universe. And seeing a UFO flying, is a rare event in life without a single doubt and must need luck as well.

This group is mainly from men and lower-income people. Well, men need to go out, look for jobs and bring money at home. World is more challenging. Women on the other hand, are pre-programmed to be a housewife, a good mother and to bear some more womanly charateteristics. Where’s the time for imagination.

Men though busy outside but the colors of life and mysteries of creation are more often encountered in a Man’s daily life. That’s why there are so many male philosophers. Man’s mind is more fertile towards imaginations. And not to forget, in a competitive life-style, men are more prone to be shown as ‘Hero’ than his fellow friends or colleagues. So men can see and meet UFOs, women don’t.

But are UFOs only a myth that haunts us from Egyptian to Inca or Maya civilisations, or a strange radio signals often received by different observatories? Or are all the photos often claimed to be of UFOs are fabricated stories.

Our planet ‘Earth’ is a very tiny celestial body of the galaxy ‘Milky Way’. Our solar system is just in one corner of the Milky Way. The Milky Way contains 200 to up to 400 billion stars and the diameter of our galaxy is about 100,000 light years. 1 light year equals about 9.461 * 1012 Km. It is a unit of length or distance that light travels in one year. Light travels at a speed of 1,079, 252, 848.8 km/h. But this is not all of universe. Our galaxy, Milky Way, is part of billions of galaxies in the observable universe. Now guess how much we know of it.

Now while our rest 8 planets of our solar system are yet to explore, we are far away to the details of our own galaxy. What about the vast or infinite rest? Is it impossible that other galaxies do not offer a habitable environment. There’s no restriction in the creation that limits life only on our planet. That will be absolutely a blind conclusion. The possibilities are open as are the numbers of galaxies. So, therefore, ALIENS exists.

It is a matter of time when we will meet them. If the other civilisations are less developed than us, then it is up to us when we will be able to start our universal journey to look for them. But if some of them are already advanced then it’s their turn to look for new life on other parts of the Universe.

Now come to the point:

if Aliens Attack

Well the chances of aliens being friendly or enemy are 50-50. That means they can ‘take a hand’ or they can ‘shake theirs hands’ with us. Someone coming from millions or billions of light years far away should have targets: either to conquer or to find new friends.

If they are here before we find them, then it means they are advanced in technology. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. They will be defeated. We humans are very special creation of the Almighty Lord. We can’t be defeated. We will take the challenge and beat the enemy back. Doesn’t matter from which galaxy or star the Alien will come. Like all the movies, finally the victory is ours. So Aliens, take care! This is a message from ‘Planet Earth’, located within the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

Lovely… 🙂

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