IBM Expands the Institute for Electronic Government in Washington to Focus on Advancements in Analytics and Cloud Computing

*Virtual Collaboratory to Connect Thousands of Government Leaders Globally*

WASHINGTON – 01 Mar 2011: IBM today announced a major expansion of its Institute for Electronic Government (IEG) in Washington, D.C., adding cloud computing and analytics capabilities for public sector organizations around the world. 

IBM has moved and expanded the facility in order to meet the growing demand from Government, Health Care and Education leaders who recognize the potential of cloud computing environments and business analytics technologies to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and tackle energy and budget challenges.    

According to recent IBM surveys of technology leaders globally, 83 percent of respondents identified business analytics — the ability to see patterns in vast amounts of data and extract actionable insights — as a top priority and a way in which they plan to enhance their competitiveness.  In addition, an overwhelming majority of respondents — 91 percent —  expect cloud computing to overtake on-premise computing as the primary IT delivery model by 2015.  

The institute provides insights and expertise on emerging technology solutions, drawing on IBM researchers, experts in advanced software platforms, and consultants with deep industry knowledge in areas such as government, health care, transportation, social services, public safety, customs and border management, revenue management, defense, logistics, and education.  

“For more than 15 years the institute has proven to be a uniquely valuable resource for members of government, private sector, and academia to explore and test ideas that can transform their organizations,” said Anne Altman, general manager, IBM Global Public Sector.  “The expansion of the institute illustrates the importance public sector leaders place on understanding new technologies and collaborating with peers to better serve their constituents through innovation.”  

“IBM’s Institute for Electronic Government has long been a leader in bringing together bright minds and innovative ideas from around the globe to help governments explore more effective and efficient models for government service delivery,” said Jerry Mechling, adjunct professor, Harvard Kennedy School and vice president at Gartner.   

The IEG’s expanded portfolio will enable international, federal, state and local government leaders, as well as health care, education and academic institutions, to connect via a Virtual Collaboratory.  Working on-site or remotely, research project teams can now explore the latest technology advancements and how they can foster improved performance in real-time.   

To provide additional thought leadership resources, the institute is co-located with IBM’s Center for The Business of Government, an organization that sponsors independent research by top minds in academe and the non-profit sector on improved government effectiveness and important public management issues.  

Established in 1996, the IBM Institute for Electronic Government is a resource for public sector senior level executives globally.  The institute’s location in Washington, D.C., allows it to tap into leading thinkers in government, health care, and education from public and private sector organizations and universities in the area.  Since its launch, more than 62,000 visitors from more than 120 countries have engaged the institute to discuss and learn about technology innovation. 

The institute is located at 600 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005.  For more information visit: 

*Source: IBM

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