How Well Has Technology Made Traveling Seamless and Interesting?

Technology continues to advance all the time and affects all segments of human activity, including travel. Travel involves huge investments of time and logistics as people and cargo are moved from one destination to another. Due to these advancements, travel nowadays has become more a sophisticated and enjoyable experience, right from planning to the actual experience of flying. New experiences like helicopter skiing and cliff diving are available to the average traveler. This article explains some of the fun ways in which technology has made travelling seamless and interesting.

1. Eco-friendly travel

Modern technology has made travel environmentally friendly. The travel industry has been criticized for years for being one of the biggest polluters, be it air travel or sea travel. All of that is changing now thanks to technological innovation. From paperless tickets and boarding passes to online hotel reservations, almost every activity has become eco-friendly. The consumption of paper and fossil fuels has reduced the pollution levels and time taken to complete routes. Every activity can be coordinated online so that the time spent in getting to your destination is minimized.

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2. Space saving luggage

Luggage companies have designed new solutions to make traveling more convenient and comfortable. There are smaller gadgets available on the market so that all your music, Internet, books and documents are available on a tiny device. Suitcases now come with smart features that can follow you without requiring you to pull it or even hold the strap. Just connect it to your phone and your suitcase will locate you in any part of the airport.

3. Overcoming language barriers

Gone are the days when people had to look around for an interpreter or someone who could understand their language. Nowadays, there are mobile apps that help you translate your speech into any language. All you need to do is to speak into your phone and the app will translate your words into the language spoken in your destination. If you are more adventurous, you can use language learning apps to learn common phrases in any language before you travel to that destination.

4. Easy flight and hotel booking

The need for human interaction for many travel activities is becoming more limited. This has the benefit of creating efficient conversations without any unnecessary interference. Chatbots have made it easy to book a flight and hotel at any time of the day or night. These chatbots use AI to engage in almost human-like conversations with website visitors. Everything from current prices, special offers and instructions can be shared via chatbots, so that human agents are no longer required.

5. Safe electronic payments

Electronic payment platforms like Google Wallet and Apple Pay are making it easy to make instant online payments. Travelers do not need to worry about people hacking into their bank accounts or websites to get their credit card information. These gateways are perfectly secure with minimal risk of fraud or intrusion into your privacy. You can pay for tickets, hotel accommodation, tour bookings and virtually everything that you will need to plan for before leaving for the airport.

6. Personalized travel

Every experience nowadays is being personalized and companies are investing resources in creating flexible offerings that can be customized for individual customers. Travel is no exception. Millennial customers are especially interested in customizing their travel experiences as they do not like to be tied down with a group or in a preplanned travel itinerary.

7. Blockchain

Blockchain is a new technology that is affecting every online activity. Initially, this technology emerged with the rise of cryptocurrency but the technology now applies to a host of other industries, especially those that operate online. Within the travel industry, blockchain will allow greater security in online transactions, in everything from insurance to air tickets and hotel reservations. This is one of the most secure technologies which makes any kind of fraud or unethical activity virtually impossible.


As the above points show, air travel has become a seamless and efficient activity because of the increasing use of technology. This means that travelers have an increasingly convenient experience and can do most of their tasks online with the click of a few buttons. This is equally beneficial for travel companies and related industries since more people are encouraged to travel thanks to these unique technologies.

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