How to Outfox the Bat Menace?

Bats can be found all around the world. There are nearly 40 species in United States alone. There are many horror stories about different bats. Most people believe and fantasize about bats as the blood sucking monsters described in fiction and films.

Vampire bats are known to exist, and they thrive on blood. If you ever get bitten by a vampire bat, you may need to get checked for rabies. This is because these bats could be afflicted by rabies and may transfer the disease to you, through their bite.

Bats are mammals and they are the only mammals capable of sustaining a perfect flight naturally. They are often called ‘flying rodents’ or ‘flying rats’. Though these bats rarely attack humans, these can wreak havoc in your lives.

How bats become a nuisance?

Bats are known to carry the rabies virus. The rabies virus can infect you, even if these bats do not bite you. The virus gets carried through droppings which later lead to rabid infection. Bat droppings are known to harbor diseases like histoplasmosis as well. You need to get these droppings cleaned thorough professionals.

A large swarm of bats flying around your house is an unsightly sight. You may appear to be a distant relative of Count Dracula, if you have a large number of bats flying in your house. This makes it necessary to curb the bat menace, and prevent it from spreading further.

How to get rid of bats?

Bats are undoubtedly helpful, as they feed on mosquitoes and other pests flying around your yard. It can be a problem if these bats venture inside your homes. They hence create nuisance and pester most of us. It gets even worse if the bat is rabid. Common ways to curb the bat menace have been discussed below:

1. Confine the bat to a smaller area

If a bat enters your home, make sure you isolate it from the rest of your house. You must however, ensure that there is an exit for the bat to leave from that room. You can also consider capturing the bat yourself, and release it outside later.

2. Seal all entrances

It is better to seal all entrances, so that the bat cannot enter your home. It may not be difficult to remove bats, but preventing them from re-entering is much more difficult.

3. Repellents

A few home-owners have also experimented with dog and cat repellents. These repellents were also seen to be quite effective while dealing with bats. The repellents are however, hazardous for humans as well. Bat menace was quite prevalent in Richmond. Bat removal Richmond VA has been quite effective in outfoxing the bat menace in Richmond.

4. Avoiding Bat Re-infestation

Some people have also tried hanging balloons, wind chimes, aluminum foil or windsocks at places which are frequented by bats the most. This is believed to somehow avoid re-infestation of bats.

It has also been observed that setting up bat houses on your property also encourages bats to roost away from your house. This is a good measure to curb bat menace and check the increasing problems being caused by these winged creatures.

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