Futalognkosaurus – The “Giant Chief”

According to Yahoo News, A new dinosaur species has been unearthed in Argentina on the banks of Lake Barreales of Province Neuquen. The Species named ‘Futalognkosaurus’ in Mapuche Indian words means “Giant Chief”. The 105-foot (neck: 56 ft, tail 49 ft approx.) Chief was roaming the Earth during the Late Cretaceous Period (88 million of years ago). The dinosaur was human-friendly (if any of us were living at that time 🙂) as it was herbivorous – loving only plants.  

The excavated spinal column of the 43 ft tall Futalognkosaurus weighed about 9 tons. But how many tons of plants it needed for the daily meal is yet to calculate. It’s perfect for the South America’s giant species as the continent is rich in jungles, so one can imagine how happy was the Chief 🙂. We are happy too for it thrilled us again being the largest of dinosaurs ever found!!

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