Fast Food!!… What’s the consequence?

Junk food, (in fact) fast food that is rich in sugar, fat and cholesterol can be a serious factor for developing Alzheimer’s. That’s what Swedish researcher from the Karolinska Institute suspects. Reuter’s reported about the findings a month earlier in November.

What’s Alzheimer’s?

According to Alzheimer’s Association, it’s a progressive and fatal brain disease that destroys brain cells, causing problems with memory, thinking and behaviour – severe enough to affect work and life. It is the most common form of dementia (a general term for the loss of memory and intellectual abilities). The thing is that currently Alzheimer’s has no cure. It’s incurable.

So what fast food does actually. Research on a specific gene that is involved in the transport of cholesterol caused to happen certain harmful chemical changes in brain for the mice (used in the experiment) fed with diet rich in the components common in fast food. It caused an increase of a harmful protein while decreasing another protein (good one) involved in memory storage. So there is a change or decrease in memory.

But this is just one part, more works to be done to come to a point to establish the facts that fast food is extremely harmful to our health. But by that time, how many millions of people will be ingested with the bad chemicals from fast food?

Needs to mention here that while on a trip to the Gulf in 2007, Prince Charles of Britain criticised McDonald’s, labelling it unhealthy.

So we need to pay attention on fast food.

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