Farmers, Warriors, Builders: The Hidden Life of Ants – The ‘Ants Gala’

Normally we are used to see Hollywood Gala, Stars Gala, and some more different types of gala, where mainly movie stars are the main attractions. Then comes directors, producers, etc. etc. Needless to mention about the music galas.  

However, this time it’s ‘Ants Gala’. We all know them from our childhood. They are everywhere, in every continent – all over the Earth. So now it’s there Gala. 🙂

The Ants Gala under the Title ‘Farmers, Warriors, Builders: The Hidden Life of Ants’ will display, as the title says, all very different kinds and types of activities and characters of Ants.  

The ‘Ants Exhibition’ will take place in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History from 30th May till 10th October. However the museum is in Washington D.C. So for many of us it’s probably very far, but at least we can enjoy some excellent photos from the photo gallery. 

The gallery shows photos of ants in different action modes – how ants are working in strict disciplines to haul large prey back to their nest, how rival ants are fighting to get the ownership of their prey, how worker ants excavated soils to make their beautiful castles (or fortress). And so on. 

Something more: here’s an excellent video of Ants Colony – how colossal and well-architect is the colony design. Just thinking…….who is more intelligent and disciplined, we the humans or the Ants? 💡

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