Facts About Diabetes and Alcohol Use; You Need to Know

Being diabetic does not mean that you only have to avoid sweet eatables, it requires you to make some major lifestyle changes to better cope with this health condition. If a diabetic patient is not paying ample attention towards his/her health, then there is a great chance of developing several other mental and physical health issues which will make you visit many doctors e.g. medical marijuana doctors, etc. One of the common questions that diabetic patients often ask is what effect alcohol consumption can have on their health. First of all, excessive intake of alcohol can have drastic effects on our liver which in turn affects our blood sugar level. Else, alcohol can interact with your medication and can result in harmful outcomes. Here is everything you need to know about how diabetes can be affected by alcohol use:

Alcohol is Metabolized by the Liver:

Our body and the digestive organs know where they have to store the foods and liquids that we are taking. However, unlike other regular drinks and foods, our body does not store alcohol. Once the alcohol gets into the stomach, 20% of it directly enters into our bloodstream and the remaining enters into our intestine where it is digested. A small amount of it gets out of our body through sweating or urination while the rest of it is detoxified by the liver through a process called oxidation. The main function of our liver is to store glucose and regulate blood sugar levels. Alcohol intake stops the liver from performing its regular function, therefore, it can be highly harmful to a diabetic patient. 

Lowers Blood Sugar Level:

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You might no this already, but this effect of alcohol consumption is worth highlighting. The liver sees alcohol as a ‘poison’ and starts working on eliminating it when you consume it. There is no doubt about the fact that the liver plays a vital role in regulating our blood sugar level, but it is not a great multitasker. When you are drinking, there is a great chance that your sugar level can lower down drastically. It is better to eat some crab diet while drinking alcohol to maintain your sugar level. 

Moderation is Important:

Healthcare providers often allow their patients to take alcohol in a moderate amount. By moderate amount we that if you are a male, you can take one or two drinks a day, and if female, then one drink a day is enough for you. However, the moderate amount may vary with the type of alcohol that you are taking and the gender. 

Do not Forget Other Side-Effects:

Constant and excess consumption of alcohol can hinder your overall wellbeing. For example, it can raise your blood pressure. It can increase your appetite thus, leading to weight gain. It makes you feel dizzy, disoriented, and sleepy and you are unable to communicate properly to those around you, which puts your life at stake as you won’t be able to tell anyone around that your sugar level is dripping or you need to go to a hospital. The excess use of alcohol can cause liver inflammation leading to cirrhosis and it can be fatal. You might see people ‘passing out’ after drinking alcohol or might appear to be in deep sound sleep. However, this negative impact of alcohol on your sleep quality can have drastic effects on your physical and mental health.

Have a Talk With Your Doctor:

Your doctor can give you an apposite opinion about whether you can consume alcohol or not depending upon your type and severity of diabetes. He can give you a better suggestion about how much amount of alcohol can you consume in a day so that your blood sugar level can be kept intact healthily. Likewise, alcohol can interact with your medication and can have a deteriorating effect on your health. Therefore, your healthcare provider can provide you with suitable medication that might not interact with alcohol to produce harmful results. 

The Bottom Line:

So, diabetes and the use of alcohol can have negative and harmful outcomes. The persistency of alcohol intake can be fatal too. Therefore, it is better to talk to your doctor about it and follow whatever he suggests. Put your health first because you can only enjoy being alive if you have sound mental and physical health. 

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