Did Steve Job’s money buy him a faster liver transplant? – is this a question??

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs will soon be back at office after months long break. Steve Jobs was suffering from liver problems.

We prayed and pray for the complete recovery of tech industries one of the ‘most-beloved and admired’ man.

It’s widely reported that Jobs went under liver transplant. We are happy that it has been successful. But we are surprised to see questions like this, if ‘money’ has made it possible for him to buy the organ? 

Is it because there is much jealousy about his ‘coming back’ to office (from some of his competitors). If it would not be Steve Jobs but some other rich people who is not that well-known in public, then would the media put such questions in a manner to disregard an extraordinary ‘gentle man’.

If Jobs had bought the organ, he did it with his hard-earning money. He is rich from his intellect and hard works. Unlike many other rich who might have built mountains of dollars from back-doors, Jobs has worked hard to come to his present position.  

Jobs had done the best job in his life. We wanted to see him back and he is back. 

Whether the operation took place in California or Tennessee that’s out of question. Many rich people go to Switzerland for medical treatment – does it matter?? 

Does it matter that a sick man tries his best to recover? Of course, not. 

Jobs had done the best job in his life. He is back. And we are Happy!!! 

AUM, Aum, aum.

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