Danish Ministry Hires IBM to Deliver Smart Defense in Denmark

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, – 05 Oct 2010: In an effort to enhance the Danish Ministry’s international defense operations, IBM (NYSE: IBM) and the Danish Defense have signed a seven-year services agreement in which IBM will provide high availability, technology infrastructure and management services for the Ministry’s Resource Management System, DeMars.  

Created in 1999 by IBM, the Danish Defense uses the DeMars System running SAP on IBM Power Servers and IBM Storage
to manage equipment, personnel and logistics of the entire department for international missions and on the Danish Navy’s ships. Under the new agreement, IBM will continuously devise new solutions to improve the efficiency of DeMars for the secure tracking and delivery of assets for the Danish Ministry.

Defense is a key focus area for IBM worldwide. Within the last few years both the Norwegian and the Swedish Armed Forces have teamed up with IBM for similar ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions.

“With this agreement Danish Defense will leverage IBM’s global defense expertise, and together we will ensure that the Danish Defense’s IT environment becomes even more efficient, secure, reliable and easier to manage in order to prepare Danish Defense for the future,” said Preben Thalund Madsen, Partner, IBM Global Business Services Nordic.

The contract was signed in October 2010.


For more information about the Danish Defense, visit www.forsvaret.dk/FKO/ENG/.

For more information about IBM, visit www.ibm.com/services.

*Source: IBM

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