Dancing Skyscrapers

Dancing skyscrapers (sign of exclamation here).

Definition: These are those skyscrapers that can move its body contrary to the traditional buildings which are built in a way to stand still. 😎

One more thing,

These ultra-modern and ultra-smart buildings will be built on ‘prefabricated construction techniques’ rather than ‘brick-on-brick’ method used now a days. Prefabricated means building parts will be manufactured in production facilities and will be joined together at the site. It will save time and the number of labour force.

The 80-story building is designed by the architect David Fischer’s Dynamic Group. After Dubai, Moscow and New York will join the row of the rotating skyscrapers. Each floor of the building will rotate 360° independently, offering its occupants and visitors a all-around view.

Have fun. 🙂

Source: CNN

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