comScore Introduces Mobile Metrix 2.0, Revealing that Social Media Brands Experience Heavy Engagement on Smartphones

comScore’s Revamped Mobile Measurement Service Provides Browser and App Audience Insights Across Smartphone Operating Systems

Facebook Ranks as Most Engaging Media Property among U.S. Smartphone Users

RESTON, VA, May 7, 2012 – comScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced the U.S. launch of Mobile Metrix® 2.0, its next generation mobile behavioral measurement service. Mobile Metrix 2.0 brings comScore’s Unified Digital Measurement™ to smartphone devices, combining passive on-device measurement with census-level data to provide one of the most accurate and detailed views into actual U.S. mobile media usage across apps and mobile browsing.

“The introduction of Mobile Metrix 2.0 represents the culmination of significant product development to bring the market detailed behavioral measurement of mobile media usage, including access from both mobile browser and apps,” said Mark Donovan, comScore SVP of mobile. “This completely retooled and enhanced version of the service is the mobile analog to comScore’s flagship Media Metrix product, bringing critical insights such as audience size and demographics to the mobile marketplace. In addition to the granularity of reporting between mobile browser and apps across operating systems, Mobile Metrix 2.0 also enables a unified view of media properties’ total mobile reach, providing both advertisers and publishers with the actionable insights necessary to optimize their mobile strategies.”

82 Percent of Time Spent with Mobile Media Happens Via Apps

Mobile Metrix 2.0 enables reporting of unduplicated audience sizes across app and browser usage, providing a comprehensive view of the complete media brand reach on mobile devices. Among smartphone users age 18 and older accessing from iOS, Android and RIM smartphones, Google Sites ranked as the top property with nearly 94 million unique visitors, representing 96.9 percent of the mobile audience. Facebook ranked second with 78.0 million visitors (80.4 percent reach), followed by Yahoo! Sites with 66.2 million visitors (68.2 percent reach) and Amazon Sites 44.0 million visitors (45.4 percent reach).

Analysis of the share of time spent across apps and browsers revealed that even though these access methods had similar audience sizes, apps drove the lion’s share of engagement, representing 4 in every 5 mobile media minutes. Analysis of the top properties also revealed widely varying degrees of time spent between app and browser access methods. On Facebook, the top ranked mobile media property by engagement, 80 percent of time spent was represented by app usage compared to 20 percent via browser. Twitter saw an even higher percentage of time spent with apps at 96.5 percent of all minutes. In contrast, Microsoft Sites was among brands that saw browser access driving a majority of usage at 82.1 percent.

Top Smartphone Properties by Total Unique Visitors (Mobile Browser and App Audience Combined)
March 2012
Total U.S. Smartphone Subscribers Age 18+ on iOS, Android and RIM Platforms
Source: comScore Mobile Metrix 2.0
Audience Engagement
Total Unique Visitors (000) % Reach Browser % Share of Total Time Spent App % Share of Total Time Spent
Total Audience (Browsing and Application combined) 97,007 100.0% 18.5% 81.5%
Google Sites 93,954 96.9% 18.9% 81.1%
Facebook 78,002 80.4% 20.0% 80.0%
Yahoo! Sites 66,185 68.2% 25.3% 74.7%
Amazon Sites 44,028 45.4% 14.3% 85.7%
Wikimedia Foundation Sites 39,073 40.3% 99.8% 0.2%
Apple Inc. 38,309 39.5% 0.3% 99.7%
Cooliris, Inc 28,543 29.4% 0.0% 100.0%
AOL, Inc. 28,021 28.9% 47.4% 52.6%
eBay 27,190 28.0% 17.6% 82.4%
Zynga 26,619 27.4% 0.4% 99.6%
Twitter 25,593 26.4% 3.5% 96.5%
Rovio (Angry Birds) 25,057 25.8% 3.7% 96.3%
Weather Channel, The 24,131 24.9% 47.1% 52.9%
Microsoft Sites 23,938 24.7% 82.1% 17.9%
ESPN 23,317 24.0% 56.8% 43.2%

Top Apps Vary by iOS and Android Users

Mobile Metrix 2.0 also offers the ability to segment consumer activity across iOS, Android and RIM platforms, providing further insight into today’s smartphone consumer. Analysis of the top iPhone and Android apps by size of audience found differences in the top apps accessed by the two operating systems. System apps topped the list for both iOS and Android, with Apple iTunes reaching nearly the entire iPhone app audience in March while 93.2 percent of Android users visited the Android app market.

Google Search ranked as the second largest app by Android audience size reaching 44.9 million users (84.1 percent reach). Google Maps led as the top map app on both platforms reaching 91.2 percent of iPhone users and 74.5 percent of Android users. The Facebook mobile app ranked within the top five apps on both platforms, securing the #3 spot among iPhone users (80 percent reach) and the #5 position with Android users (68.9 percent reach).

Top Mobile Apps by Total Unique Visitors (000) for iOS and Android (App Audience Only)
March 2012
Total U.S. Smartphone Subscribers Age 18+ on iOS, Android and RIM Platforms
Source: comScore Mobile Metrix 2.0
Top iPhone Apps Total Unique Visitors (000) % Reach Top Android Apps Total Unique Visitors (000) % Reach
Total Audience: (App Access only) 32,665 100.0% Total Audience: (App Access only) 53,360 100.0%
Apple iTunes (Mobile App) 32,644 99.9% Android Market (Mobile App) 49,717 93.2%
Google Maps (Mobile App) 29,803 91.2% Google Search (Mobile App) 44,883 84.1%
Facebook (Mobile App) 26,148 80.0% Google Maps (Mobile App) 39,775 74.5%
YouTube (Mobile App) 25,553 78.2% Gmail (Mobile App) 38,108 71.4%
Yahoo! Weather (Mobile App) 22,965 70.3% Facebook (Mobile App) 36,771 68.9%
Yahoo! Stocks (Mobile App) 20,765 63.6% Cooliris (Mobile App) 28,543 53.5%
Pandora Radio (Mobile App) 10,478 32.1% YouTube (Mobile App) 24,739 46.4%
The Weather Channel (Mobile App) 8,817 27.0% Google News & Weather (Mobile App) 24,134 45.2%
Temple Run (Mobile App) 7,415 22.7% Angry Birds (Mobile App) 16,171 30.3%
Words With Friends Free (Mobile App) 6,979 21.4% Words With Friends (Mobile App) 12,511 23.4%

Smartphones Drive Significant Engagement for Leading Social Networking Brands

Social networking proved to be a particularly popular activity on smartphones with several brands demonstrating exceptionally high engagement, in some cases higher than the corresponding time spent by users via traditional web access. Facebook once again led the pack among social networking brands, with the average Facebook mobile user engaging for more than 7 hours via browser or app in March. The 25.6 million Twitter mobile users (excluding usage via third-party apps) had an average engagement of nearly 2 hours during the month. By comparison, people visiting on their computers spent just 20.4 minutes on, highlighting the importance of mobile engagement for mobile-centric brands. Pinterest, which has seen its adoption explode in recent months, reached 7.5 million smartphone visitors who engaged with the brand for nearly an hour. Location-based social network Foursquare attracted 5.5 million mobile visitors at an average of nearly 2.5 hours, while Tumblr reached an audience of nearly 4.5 million who engaged for 68 minutes during the month.

Selected Social Networking Properties (Mobile Browser and App Audience Combined)
March 2012
Total U.S. Smartphone Subscribers Age 18+ on iOS, Android and RIM Platforms
Source: comScore Mobile Metrix 2.0
Total Unique Visitors (000) % Reach Average Minutes per Visitor
Facebook 78,002 80.4% 441.3
Twitter 25,593 26.4% 114.4
LinkedIn 7,624 7.9% 12.9
Pinterest 7,493 7.7% 52.9
Foursquare 5,495 5.7% 145.6
Tumblr 4,454 4.6% 68.4

Clients Voice Support for Mobile Metrix 2.0

“Mobile devices are redefining how consumers access weather information, whether they are on-the-go, at home or work. Understanding how this vast mobile audience accesses weather-related content via their browser, apps and across smartphone platforms are critical questions that comScore Mobile Metrix answers, providing actionable insights to help us leverage the full potential of the mobile channel. Mobile Metrix is an invaluable source of audience insights needed to navigate today’s rapidly changing mobile landscape.”
Ed Darmanin, SVP Global Ad Sales, AccuWeather

“comScore Mobile Metrix will do for mobile what comScore Media Metrix did for the traditional online space; provide a trusted set of audience measurement standards to help the industry advance to the next level.”
John Kahan, GM of Business and Customer Intelligence, Microsoft Online Services Division

“As one of the top mobile content providers, it is critically important for us at AOL to understand who our mobile audience is and how they engage with content across the entire mobile landscape. comScore Mobile Metrix delivers the behavioral-level audience insights we need to make sound business decisions in this complex environment.”
Brian Murphy, Senior Director of Business Ops for Mobile, AOL

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*Source: comScore

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