comScore Announces Collaboration with IXI, An Equifax Company, to Incorporate Consumer Financial Segmentation Data into AdEffx™ and Audience Advantage™ Product Suites

*New Capability Will Allow Marketers to Improve Executional Efficiency and Better Measure the Effectiveness of Targeted Online Ad Campaigns* 

RESTON, VA, September 21, 2010 – comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced a collaboration with IXI, an Equifax company and a leader in delivering solutions based on anonymous, aggregated wealth and asset data, to integrate IXI financial segmentation data into comScore products.

This collaboration, which IXI will support through its IXI Digital division, will enable comScore clients to improve the efficiency of their online campaigns through the use of comScore’s Audience Advantage™ platform, and to better evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns using the comScore AdEffx™ service. IXI enables segmentation of consumers according to a wide array of financial metrics, including estimated household income, financial assets, discretionary spending, credit, and many others. 

The integration of IXI Digital segments into comScore Audience Advantage Financial (powered by IXI) will allow online publishers and ad networks to more accurately target their advertising inventory to key consumer segments according to a broad range of wealth indicators, including estimated assets, income, and discretionary spending, thereby enabling them to command higher CPM prices for their ad inventory while providing marketers with greater advertising efficiency. Additionally, the IXI Digital segments will be available within Ad Effx Campaign Essentials as a profiling option for the audience reached by an advertiser’s campaign, and within Ad Effx Offline Sales lift to report on the impact of an online advertising campaign in driving offline consumer actions or purchases.  

“We are excited to work with IXI to bring our clients actionable consumer financial segmentation data, which will enrich a variety of comScore products,” said Steve Dennen, comScore vice president of business development. “Through this integration, we will be able to provide marketers with an enhanced ability to target their campaigns and evaluate the effectiveness of their online advertising spending.”  

“This is a partnership between two industry leaders – comScore in providing exceptional insight into consumer online behavior and IXI in segmenting households and markets based on financial metrics. Our combined capabilities offer marketers a powerful solution to help them more efficiently reach their desired audience and better measure the impact of their marketing efforts,” said Marsh Marshall, president of IXI Digital. 

*Source: comScore

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