Auto Auto Autos

Give us money..

Give us money….

Give us money…… 😈

First the financial institutions. Whatever ‘mishandling’ they manipulated, they were rewarded high – $700 billion. The biggest reward in American history. But even after that the ‘Scenario’ remained the same. Did not change. But nonetheless, the next one is already in line.

Now the Auto industry wants the reward (= bailout). If not then millions will be jobless and so on and so on. So to save these innocent working-hands the bailout must pass and money should be poured into a jar without bottom. Because even after all these government endeavours, chances of an economic rebound is not in analysts predictions.

Something is missing all the time.

However, whatever (and wherever he is), He, the Almighty American President George W. Bush, must be in high mood now. The fall happened at the end of his tenure. He has nothing to do about it. Why it appeared now and not a year before that’s a big mystery. However Mr. Bush has powers to make miracles and ‘bless America’, so he might have stopped the time (event) and let it show-up only now.

Then what Obama is going to do?

As a first black president of America, he will work extremely hard to show his ‘excellent performance’ as President and to recover the economy. But

What Obama will not do!

is ‘justice’ or ‘investigation’ to find the roots of all evils. That he will not do. That’s out of Obama’s power. So the results:


It’s the same in all directions wherever you may walk.

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