Art and Politics or ‘Political Arts’

Politics is always a debatable matter and the people involved there are no angels. We know it. But what about depicting democratically elected politicians in the meanest way possible. That’s not the right thing.

What sculptor Peter Lenk offerd in the small town of Bodman-Ludwigshafen in South Germany got attention of mainstream medias. It’s already weeks old. The naked sculptors of five German top politicians are oddly enough to take art to a narrower corner of culture or cultural expressions. It’s not polite at all. It’s a nude mind to portrait such nudity.

Politicians are not honest in most of the cases. But who else in the society is so ‘CLEAN’. And what about the people who elected them. You can ask thousands of questions. Protest in a democratic way is the right solution of one’s own emotions. And in a democratic country like Germany one can always expect a fair return of politicians if theirs deeds deserve so.

However the sculptor has drawn many tourists. 😐

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