7 Uses for Glass Whiteboards in the Educational & Corporate World

*Glass dry erase: the Eco-friendly way to make your work life easier*

As a professional in the corporate realm, I’m always amazed at the amount of tools at our disposal that we don’t take advantage of. Take Eco-friendly glass whiteboards for example. These glass dry erase boards are similar to their traditional whiteboard counterparts—just swap the chemical coverings of traditional dry erase with a durable, recyclable surface that wipes clean quickly without ghosting or staining.

Glass dry erase boards will not only last the life of the wall that’s holding it up at your school or corporate office; they also take on many responsibilities when it comes to making your work life easier, for example:

1. Post a daily schedule or to do list: Glass whiteboards make very effective central task lists or daily schedules that are visible by all from their desks or placed in a central area within your company or school. The most effective task lists are posted as a shared list—rather than a personal list—out in the open for everyone to see and claim responsibility for.

2. Central message board: Let’s be honest, in large companies and education institutions it’s easy to lose track of what others are doing, which can blur the lines of communication. Email and text messages can help, but they aren’t seen by all. However, if you use a glass whiteboard as your central communication board, for example, to post in/out alerts, everyone will know where everyone else is located and what time they’ll be back


“The smooth and polished edges are made from ¼” recyclable safety glass and mounted one in from the wall adding depth to the design”

3. Stock list: Since glass dry erase boards clean up with ease, you can also use your whiteboard as an ongoing stock list when office or school supplies are needed. And this way, when Kelly from accounting purchases Post-it notes, she can wipe that item from the list so that Bob from marketing will know not to overlap purchases on his next office supply run.

4. Shared calendar: When I worked at an advertising agency, we used our glass dry erase board as our project calendar. Our office administrator sketched a calendar template on the whiteboard in erasable permanent ink and just filled in the dates—she used blue for upcoming projects and red for projects with immanent deadlines. She filled in a new calendar each week and, as a result, our various departments worked together to get projects done far more effectively.


“slides smoothly on high quality 3” casters and its non-staining glass surface is perfect for quick brainstorming sessions”

5. Brainstorming: Idea generation is far more effective as a visual medium as far as I’m concerned. Not only does sketching drafts out on a whiteboard save a ton of paper, it also saves a lot of time when the basic elements are sketched out for all to see. This central area for brainstorming also cuts down on the amount of versions, lost edits, etc., when the entire office can expect to find everything in one place.

6. Emergency or contact info: Why does an emergency arise whenever the boss or principal goes on vacation? That’s why a central area can be designated in your corporate boardroom or teacher’s lounge for a list of emergency numbers. And because numbers and emails change so frequently, a glass dry erase board is perfect for this purpose.

7. Creative inspiration: What better way to use your glass whiteboard than as a source of inspiration for the entire office? Post motivational quotes, fun photos from staff events and even positive news and accolades about your fellow staff.

– Written by Angela M. Taylor

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