‘Google translate’ is the Best

No doubt about that.

Here’s a ‘tiny’ example. 🙂

Leo.org is the well-known online service that translates mainly German language to English, French, Chinese and others. However, the service is not powerful enough to translate many signs or abbreviations.

An example – just type ‘z. T.’ to get its English meaning. Leo says its dictionary has no corresponding translation.

leo search for z.t

But surprisingly, if you type the letters in Google translate, it returns you the right meaning in English which is ‘partly’.

google translate

‘z. T.’ in German means ‘zum Teil’ whose corresponding translation in English would be ‘partly’.

Google translate is just a smart service from Google.

Although ‘Leo’ means something like ‘Lion’ – but the Lion Master failed (here), and Google translate won the search. Google simply knows more.

Nahhh good…..now what?? 😉

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