‘Friend for Rent is Friend Indeed’

“Friend for rent”is nor a joke neither a quotation from anti-Utopia. This is a modern reality. Services like “friends for rent,””temporary wives” and even “pet per hour” have penetrated Russia. The essence of the 21st century is “everything is for sale.” We will help you fool yourself and others – just pay on time!

When I first saw an advertisement “Husband for an hour,” I was very surprised, but quickly realized that the ad meant small home repairs – carpenter, electrician and plumber all in one.

As it turned out, there are even more exotic “rentals.” The other day I stumbled upon an online service “friend for rent” and was genuinely perplexed.  

The text of the ad goes like this:  

“We will provide you with:  

Wise and tactful friends who could keep the conversation going, listen to you carefully, and keep you company at cultural events. Energetic, attentive and courteous “shopping buddy.” He will accompany you to stores, give you good advice, and will never get frustrated. Friends for parties, who will have fun and entertain your guests.”  

On the one hand it looks pretty sad when a person has no friends she can talk to, don’t you think?  

But on the other hand, I read a very detailed description of a “shopping buddy.” They are designed for wealthy, successful women who do have friends, but who would not take their friends shopping as these friends may get jealous and recommend getting a dress that does not look good on the woman.  

All-around client support is also heavily advertised.  

“Having trouble making a right decision? Our service “Friend for rent” will show you a different side of things! You will not have to deal with flatterers or other people’s problems! You will keep your peace of mind!”  

What I do not understand is how a “friend” you see for the first time in your life can help you make a right decision?  

Modern people are often willing to shift the responsibility for their actions on others, this is not news. Yet, this just seems absurd. “Here, stranger, take 500 rubles, and tell me that I am right.”

I did some research and found that this service is in demand all over the so-called “civilized world,” and now the “civilization” has reached Russia.  

In the States, for example, you can rent not just a companion or adviser, but almost full-featured wife, minus intimate services.  

It is pretty expensive, but the “wife” resides in the house of the customer, deals with the household, and can even make a scene.  

In many countries, you can rent not only friends but also relatives and guests. A small amount for each warm body and your party will be full of professional guests.  

This type of services exists only for the sake of a show. While a therapist can help you to communicate, your “friend” will only smile and agree with you.  

Once exotic, the business is expanding to the most unexpected areas.  

In Germany, former fans of Goettingen club decided to continue their business, but on a paid basis, and now they can be hired to root for a fee for anyone.  

In Japan, you can rent not only Homo sapiens, but also a four-legged friend. If you are not interested in taking care of a pet, you can rent one for a day or two.  

However, there is another type of “friends” who come to the rescue in difficult situations: “Preparation and provision of an alibi (post-alibi) and believable reason of absence,” “Organization of check or verification of the existing alibi,””Organization of virtual employment” etc.  

“Our specialization is to help you cheat your friends and family!”  

Of course, the ad does not say so directly, but the fact remains.  

In modern society, all human relationships are getting replaced by cash equivalents. For instance, a marriage of convenience is no longer condemned by our society.  

*The post is written by – Andrei Bortsov

*Source: Pravda

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