Wrong man at the Elysee Palace? What body language tells about the new French President

When I first saw photos and videos of the ‘marathon handshake’ of US President Donald Trump with the new French President Emmanuel Macron, I thought it could be a sign of affection from the senior Statesman as his second son Eric Trump is almost the same age as the French President.

Eric Trump is 33 and President Macron is 39 years old. Mr. Trump is 71.

By the way, my first impression from the ‘marathon handshake’ – body language of the French President is a joyful expression of his triumph in the last May election along with his hosting of the US president as a guest of honor for the Bastille Day Parade, which brings values to his image as a very young and prudent world leader. At least those who voted for him, could have reasons to be happy – Russian President Vladimir Putin visited him just after the election victory, and now the American President!!

Everything I found fine and OK till I stumbled upon the photos of singer Rihana meeting President Macron at the Elysee Palace. It struck me with big question marks – it’s the same body language, everytime and everywhere, with every guest Mr. Macron hosts!!! You can’t blame President Trump holding the young man’s hand for an unusual longer time but there’s something ‘strange’ with the French President himself.

Look at the Instagram photo: President Macron bending forward, seems like being too glad to see Rihana. A very yielding personality indeed.

My curiosity led me through some of the Instagram postings of the French President. Watch the video of President Macron with the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Watch it till the end. Justin Trudeau looks smart and mature next to the immature Frenchman.

L'amitié franco-canadienne a un nouveau visage. @justinpjtrudeau, à nous de relever les défis de notre génération ! #G7Taormina

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Emmanuel Macron (@emmanuelmacron) am

Here’s the video of the ‘marathon handshake’.

Video Credit: NBC News/YouTube

I guess, Mr. Macron is very restless in nature, too yielding, too docile and having a fickle mind – a volatile personality.

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