Wind energy, the next riding horse of power

As U.S Department of Energy (DOE) doing a feasibility study to generate 20% of power for Americans from wind energy, turbine industries can be a new lucrative market for investors. The approximate time planned is by 2030. More than 20 years at hand. The turbine market will be advancing tremendously in the coming decades. That’s a certainty.

As dependence on fossil-fuel is getting risky on higher sclale, alternative energy sources now offering better solutions for power. A lot more research is going here. 20% wind energy means an approximate capacity of 300 GW (gigawatts). Of this about 250 GW will generate from land-based turbines while the rest 50 GW are from offshore. That means more than 80% power will generate from land.

This will reduce about 11% of gas consumption by 2030 and 825 MMtons (million metric tons) of CO2. 150,00 jobs will be created directly.

But the estimated success will depend on some factors like continued advancement of wind technology, substantial transmission system and other operational modules.

What about its impact on ecosystem. It’s a green energy but how it’s going to affect the natural habitat of birds and other animals both on land and offshore needs research as well.

Although it’s a feasibility study but it shows a clear move to alternative energy sectors. So investors can think seriously. It’s a big market!!

News Source: bizjournals

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  1. Lillian King

    Wind power is a good source of electricity but it also takes up lots of space just like solar power plants.;“

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