Who says they can’t – ,

they can.

I mean the ‘origin’ or more clearly our honourable ancestors. The monkeys.

They can do a lot of things for which we can come to a conclusion that they are good at mimicking. Or let’s say they are good at art. Then what about us, I mean the humans? Monkeys mimic their own descendant!? What a pity!!

No it’s not like this although the evolution does not really explain how we have changed so far away in our behaviour, attitude and appearance, but we are in many instances similar to our ‘grandpas’. Let’s stop talking and thinking, but enjoy the video.

One more thing, if one day you see a sweetheart dating one of them (the hero in the video), don’t get upset. Many impossible things happen on Earth everyday. Life is strange but say ‘it’s beautiful’!! Have a good day 😉 .

Source: Boing Boing

The accident, sorry, ‘incident’ took place in Thailand 🙂 .

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