Was Adam the ‘first foreigner’ on this planet?

Creation - God creates Adam  As temptation went high Adam and Eve could not resist but fell victim of the serpent Satan, the angry ‘Almighty Lord King’ cursed the two species being enemy of each other and driven his beloved creation out of ‘Heaven’. They were created fully grown from earth and breathed the ‘breath of life’ from God. They did not experience certain span of time in the womb but found themselves as complete humans whom God taught knowledge. How much did God love them!!

How was their time on Heaven? The Lord bestowed ‘sanctifying grace’ on Adam and Eve, freeing them from sins, a virtue that entirely stands above human nature. Other gifts bestowed on them by God were happiness in the Garden of Eden, Knowledge, freedom from sufferings and death. That was the time our earliest parents enjoyed and engulfed themselves in ecstasy.

In one account, departing the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve arrived at mountain peaks outside Mecca – Adam on Safa and Eve on Marwa. In other, Adam first set foot on Earth at a mountain known as ‘Adam’s Peak’ in Sri Lanka.

No matter wherever our foreparents descended, they were the first ‘Humans’ on Earth – the ‘Outsiders’!!

We are not native to the planet Earth, we are foreigners here. We are natives of ‘Heaven’, that’s why we will go back to ‘Heaven’!!

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2 comments on “Was Adam the ‘first foreigner’ on this planet?”

  1. R

    The topic is very nice.

    May be your point of view is not wrong and we are foreigners on the earth. But what I believe that Adam and Eva have been created to live on the earth. I do not believe that Our Lord created them just as a model and after that the story started with Satan.

    In any case we are just guests on this earth, we leave it in the moment when our death comes.

    So have a nice life-:)

  2. Elona

    I agree with the fact that we all are foreigners to this planet, but as long as we live in it let us try to be better as our preparents have been. Let us take care of this planet we are ´visiting´, let us take care of each-other, so let us be near and not be foreigners to other beings.

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