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The Mystery of Evil

Where does evil come from? If God is all-powerful and created a universe that is very good why does evil exist?

While the possibility of evil was created by God, the initial cause of the actuality of evil is the angelic and the human will. Though He could have created a perfect world with no evil in it, God, in His infinite wisdom and goodness freely willed to create a world in a state of journeying. The Catechism tells us that angels and men, as intelligent and free creatures, have to journey toward their ultimate destinies by their free choice and preferential love. They can therefore go astray. Indeed they did go astray and both moral and physical evil entered the world. The first to go astray was the angel Satan whose own fall or original sin of pride preceded that of our first parents.

What is evil? St. Augustine tells us that while evil exists, it is not an essence but rather the absence of an essence. Evil is where good should be but isn’t. Hence, within God’s created universe which is very good there exists this possibility of evil. (more…)

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UF Researchers Link Oceanic Land Crab Extinction to Colonization of Hawaii

GAINESVILLE, Fla.University of Florida researchers have described a new species of land crab that documents the first crab extinction during the human era.

The loss of the crab likely greatly impacted the ecology of the Hawaiian Islands, as land crabs are major predators, control litter decomposition and help in nutrient cycling and seed dispersal. Their disappearance was caused by the arrival of humans to the islands and resulted in large-scale changes in the state’s ecosystem. Researchers said the full impact of the extinction on Hawaii is unknown, but they are certain it led to changes in the diversity of the food web, a continuing concern to conservationists studying species loss in other habitats. The study will be published online May 16 in PLoS ONE. (more…)

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Was Adam the ‘first foreigner’ on this planet?

Creation - God creates Adam  As temptation went high Adam and Eve could not resist but fell victim of the serpent Satan, the angry ‘Almighty Lord King’ cursed the two species being enemy of each other and driven his beloved creation out of ‘Heaven’. They were created fully grown from earth and breathed the ‘breath of life’ from God. They did not experience certain span of time in the womb but found themselves as complete humans whom God taught knowledge. How much did God love them!!


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