Tips that Every Crypto Investor Must Know

Since the debut of Bitcoin in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has taken the world by storm. Today, cryptocurrencies are becoming an essential part of our everyday lives most especially when it comes to our financial transactions. Thus, more and more people are getting interested in it.

Kicking off your crypto journey is easy if you know what you have to do. Most likely, you have many questions in mind right now that make you a little hesitant: Is it too late to invest in this? Where will you start? What will you do in the process? What are the best tips to become a successful crypto investor?

As a beginner in the field of cryptocurrency investing, there are a lot of things that you have to understand first before venturing into it. For example, you have to consider which cryptocurrency wallet and exchange you should use when investing. It also helps to know the cryptocurrency basics to figure out the things to keep in mind when investing. Here are some of the best tips that you should keep in mind when investing in cryptocurrency. 

1. Never Stop Researching

Cryptocurrencies are very volatile. As a new investor, make sure that as much as possible, you stay up to date on the latest cryptocurrency news. Aside from increasing your asset, you should also make it a point not to lose any of it. But how will you do it? By equipping yourself with the latest events and having enough knowledge about crypto trading, you are one step ahead in protecting all the digital assets that you have.

Invest only with What You are Prepared to Lose. Image courtesy of Pixabay

2. Invest Only With What You Are Prepared To Lose

One of the first few things about cryptocurrency trading is that you should only invest what you are prepared to lose. Considering how volatile the market is, you should always be prepared with what will happen. next

Investing in cryptocurrency is not like a ‘get rich quick’ kind of scheme. It could either make you rich or poor. The price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies doesn’t remain stable for a long time. Expect that price swings occur now and then which can make you go through a phase of gains or losses. 

3. Understand That This is Still a New Asset Class and Things Change Daily

It was exactly 10 years ago when Bitcoin, the first decentralized cryptocurrency was invented. Cryptocurrency is still a new class asset that undergoes changes from time to time. There is no guarantee that things are going smooth as every day is a new day to grow and discover. 

Just think of the cryptocurrency world as an on-going experiment. Nobody could tell if it has become a stable market player. This means that you should always expect the unexpected and be mentally prepared for occasional and unfavorable investment performances.

4. Avoid a Bad Trade or Investment Strategy

One of the most common mistakes committed by new investors is that they unknowingly join a sort of a “pump and dump” group. Pump and dump groups refer to some social media communities or people who claim themselves to be crypto gurus. These pump and dump groups could give you promises of success once you invest in a certain coin. You should never go for these offers at any cost.

Derivative trading is a zero game cost. This means that there will always be a winner and a loser. You could be the winner if you have a solid trading or investment strategy is in place. If you don’t have, then don’t take the risk as you could lose your hard-earned money in no time.

5. Don’t invest in just one coin

Never forget that diversifying your investment decreases the risk of losing your assets all at once. If you have the money to invest, don’t invest it in just one coin. Doing so is like buying a box of bottled drinks – if it falls, you lose everything. Diversifying your investment reduces the risk of losing your assets. If one coin fails, then you still have other coins to hold on to in the meantime. 

6. Learn Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is the process of analyzing the price and volume data of cryptocurrencies as a basis in predicting what will happen next. Knowing how to read crypto charts will give you a better understanding of how things like RSI, order books, and candles among others can put you into a good trading spot. These are essential to understand how actual trading is done.


How you start or run your crypto journey all depends on you. Your success or failure lies in how you do things. You may find the help that you need but at the end of the day, it is still you who will decide. 

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