Think 20 times before you jump into………………..

Many people are now going into businesses of their own which in turn can be a fatal career risk. Leaving the ‘day job’ and trying to be the boss of one’s own self is a dream of millions.But does it really happen?

Denene Brox from YahooI hotjobs put ‘starting a business’ as a risk factor for career.

According to the article, many find and face the ultimate dilemma paying even their basic livings too high. But the problem is that many fall victim of online business where the offers to earn from home is many times higher than regular earnings and who else doesn’t want to get rid of bosses angry faces. But money doesn’t fly in the air. You have to work hard to earn it. You don’t get it. You earn it. You earn your living. That’s the ‘wheel-rule of life’.

Those who earn from home or became a successful online entrepreneur, worked much harder than most of us can even imagine. Most of the affiliate sites simply use their offers to make free advertising on others and later use it to show their dominance in the web. So think 10 times before joining any affiliate sites and earning hundreds a day in your imagination. Most of the cases you are doing free advertising for them.

But the article ends with something positive. It suggests, those who want really to start their own enterprise should work part time in a small business to get the reality check.

But even though, think 20 times before you jump into the uncertain world of being a boss of your own.

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