The new Revolutionary

When we talk about a revolutionary most of the time the image that appears before us is that of the Great Che Guevara. May be sometimes Fidel Castro. But that’s a long time ago story – now history.

Now we have a new (young) Revolutionary.

A revolutionary is generally someone leftist in nature, fighting against capitalism or against a powerful but corrupted sector of society. But what if someone from the centre of capitalism appears as a die-hard hero to do something against all the proven and established facts? He’s a revolutionary as well. May be you have got the glimpse of our hero – President George W. Bush.

President Bush went Iraq while the rest of the world was against it.

President Bush made the bailout to happen while he should investigate the reasons of economic failure and find the people behind it and ascertain justice.

During these two major issues he stood against the mass people like a mountain and did what he liked either it’s justified or not that’s out of question (out of his mind).

Now let’s concentrate on the word ‘mass’. It will take us to a hidden truth about President Bush.

We all know about the ‘third eye’. Third eye is the eye that is from a general understanding is situated or located between our two (normal) eyes. Yogis would like to say that everyone is blessed with this ‘extra-power’ but only few exercises and activate this special eye. However, in President Bush’s case it’s already activated long ago.

While the international team of investigators could not find any trace of Saddam Hussein’s so called WMD, President Bush could see it (and according to his war time statements, Saddam Hussein had kept them somewhere either in the deserts or in mobile trucks or may be in some other place that we, rest of the humble humans can’t even imagine). However President Bush could see it.

By the way in WMD, W stands for Weapons, M for mass and D for Destruction. So it literally means Weapons of Mass Destruction. Nevertheless, however, and so and so…………..Iraq mission or invasion is complete.

Pouring billions of dollars to save some of the most corrupted financial institutions in fact fell into baskets without bottoms. What the bailout did to save the World from falling into the financial gravity, difficult to measure. But our President Bush made it boldly as his financial advisors pressed and continued pushing on the bill to see the light. That’s done by now too.

But you might know, all good things come in threes or threes make a good thing (or any thing of particular interest at time and space, let us say). So what’s left??

– guess?

– No, not yet!!

The third remaining achievement for President Bush might be a 180° overturning of the coming election results. If this is done, Bush is done. He accomplished all his cycles and will not need further reincarnation. But if this will be the case, then thanks God. 🙂

Aum Shanti.

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