The Monkey Power

As Yahoo! News tells stories of uncontrollable monkeys who are inflicting widespread destruction of valuable properties upon the city dwellers in the northeast province of India, Assam, the state government is paying very little attention to it.

The revengeful troupes of monkeys clearly targeted the most modern and sophisticated commodities including but not limited to mobiles. Surprisingly they did not stop themselves to entertain sipping coke from refrigerators. Clever behaviour indeed. The vengeance most probably lies in the fact of shrinking forests. Or simply the monkeys got a level higher than usual 🙂 .

The rampage is not only limited to this eastern part, India’s capital has the worst news ever. The deputy mayor of Delhi paid his life. The victim fell from his balcony after being attacked by the primates.

However it is not any easy matter to handle when the defendant is monkey. In Hindu religion monkeys are viewed as an incarnation of ‘Lord Hanuman’ who aided Lord Rama to rescue his wife Sita from Lanka. Hanuman is a very important personality in Ramayana, the Hindu epic.

It is believed in Hindu faith that all the planets are under the control of Lord Hanuman’s tail. Therefore worshipping the Lord will protect the devotees from the negative power of Saturn among many other blessings.

In all religious books the Almighty Lord King declared ‘Mankind’ to be his highest and best creation. But Lord never mentioned or pointed to the one honoured to be next to us. This is for the first time in history we can approach the Lord to unearth this mystery:

“O loving Lord, please tell us, who is the one honoured next to be us”

“Ye My Beloved Creation!! The ‘One’ you asked for is manifested manifolds in nature. These are your far forgotten Kins – they are monkeys!!”

Now we know 😐 .

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