The ‘Crazy Rasberry Ants’

Well they have ‘engineering brain’ and they do follow a ‘sustainable strategy’ – when their fellows get killed by pesticides they simply use the ‘corpses’ as bridges to safely move over the surface treated with pesticides 🙂 . The complaints against them are piling up daily. Our subject is an ‘ant’. No not one, they are many – they are the ‘crazy rasberry ants’ of Texas.

No one knows exactly how they arrived in Texas but a possible explanation is that they arrived in a cargo ship. Well, they are the (sea) voyagers 🙂 . Who would not take a chance to travel free? They made the best use of their chance. A journey that costs them nothing rather they arrived a land where they can spend time sucking the sweet juices from plants, feeding on ladybugs (also known as lady beetles; ladybugs feed on harmful insects for plants like aphids, thus they help protecting the crops) and fouling computers (and a lot more).

Unlike other ants that follow a military march these crazies wander erratically. Exterminators (who are specialized eliminating vermin or insects from houses by using pesticides) are now demanding to use more powerful pesticides rather than the controlled ones as the ants seem resistant to the ‘modest ant killers’.

The crazy rasberry ants are appearing in billions in the Houston area and now they can be spotted at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Do you know what does it mean? It means that they are going to accompany the astronomers in the next scheduled space mission. So……. 😉 .

News Source: Yahoo!News

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