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The lessons of COVID-19, two years on

UCLA epidemiologist Robert Kim-Farley reflects on how the U.S. has coped with the pandemic

When Robert Kim-Farley heard that COVID-19 had reached the United States, on Jan. 20, 2020, he immediately recalled the grim images from China that he had been seeing online, with people dying in the streets outside of overwhelmed hospitals. (more…)

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A better view of the Rockies, thanks to a geological feature in Peru

Scientists are getting an unprecedented look at a geological process in South America that mirrors the formation of America’s Rocky Mountains.

Writing in the journal Nature, a team of geophysicists says its findings may help scientists better understand phenomena such as earthquakes and volcanoes, in addition to the development of the Rockies. The data comes from 40 broadband seismometers placed throughout southern Peru as part of the Peru Lithosphere and Slab Experiment (PULSE). (more…)

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