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‘Love and Romance’, the way I feel it: Hossam (23)

Q. What is love? How would you define it?

Hossam: I would say ‘love’ is something that has to be from inside from your heart. It doesn’t come out very quickly. People who are falling in love has to get to know each other first, they have to know whether they understand each other, they have to know whether they fit to each other, and these ways we can know whether we fit to each other or not, if we love each other or not. But of course, that needs some time. So that’s how I define it actually.

For me love is not only to be together or to go out. Love is also our relation, we have to love so that we can marry. So that we can take the next step. Not only to have fun and that’s it.

Love doesn’t last long for me because there are always some problems, may be because of me, may be because of her, may be because of her parents or may be because of my parents. So love is sometimes complicated. (more…)

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