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Treating Depression: An Expert Discusses Risks, Benefits of Ketamine

Controversial option seems to work when other methods fail

Up to a third of patients with depression don’t respond to traditional forms of treatment. For those patients, the dark fog that hovers over their lives feels like it will never lift. But a new treatment called ketamine has recently made waves all over the internet. Hailed as a “miracle drug” and the first major antidepressant breakthrough in three decades, ketamine has improved the lives of many patients whose depression had dominated their lives for years. And yet, many of these articles also convey a note of skepticism. That’s because ketamine is also a street drug, a popular hallucinogenic known as “special K.” (more…)

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Cosmic detectives discover missing star in ultimate of dead ends

Astronomers have solved a 21-year-old cosmic mystery with the discovery of a star whose companion exploded, confirming that the surviving star was partly responsible for the resulting supernova. A team of 12 scientists, including the University of Chicago’s Vikram Dwarkadas, recently published the discovery in the Astrophysical Journal. (more…)

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