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When danger is in the eye of the beholder

UCLA anthropologists study how, why we read into potential peril

They went boating alone without life vests and gave no thought to shimmying up very tall coconut trees.

And although they were only figments of a writer’s imagination, the fictional adventurers helped provide new insight into how humans, especially men, gauge the threat of a potential adversary. Those reading the stories — dozens of residents of a small village on the Fijian island of Yasawa — judged the characters to be risk-seekers.  (more…)

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Microsoft and LEGO Education demonstrate development possibilities on Windows 8.1 with SentryBot

Through a shared commitment to STEM education, Microsoft and LEGO Education team up to create hands-on opportunities for the next generation to be inspired by and engage with technology in new ways.

SAN FRANCISCO — Ever wonder what it takes to inspire and prepare the next generation to fill the pipeline of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) jobs of the future? For Microsoft and LEGO, the answer is simple: Make STEM fun, accessible and engaging. At Microsoft’s recent developer conference, BUILD, Microsoft revealed the SentryBot — a small, yet powerful, robot featuring unique interactive scenarios only possible on the Windows platform. SentryBot demonstrates just how fun STEM can be regardless of your technical background.

A connected-device, robotic scenario built atop the LEGO Group’s new LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 platform, SentryBot features two Microsoft Surface Pros that take advantage of new Windows 8.1 APIs to interact directly with the MINDSTORMS robot. Using the robot’s built-in sensors and the webcam on one Surface Pro, SentryBot actively responds to its environment as conditions change. In Sentry Mode, for example, SentryBot quickly comes to life in the presence of an intruder, its friendly grin turning serious as it maneuvers to keep the individual’s face in view. Should the intruder get too close, SentryBot can snap a mug shot and post it to Twitter for all to see. Meanwhile, SentryBot’s owner can monitor everything remotely using the other Surface Pro with the Windows 8.1 app. (more…)

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Kinect in the Classroom: Scratching the Surface of Potential

*First graders are using Kinect for Xbox 360 to get to places like Disneyland (on a map, at least), and high school students are graphing mathematical equations with their bodies.*

CRAIG, Colo. – March 6, 2012 – First-grade teacher Cheryl Arnett spent much of last summer playing Kinect for Xbox 360 with her grandkids.

For fun, yes, but the 19-year veteran teacher at Sunset Elementary School in Craig, Colo., also had an agenda. A longtime lover of technology, Arnett was looking for ways to teach with Microsoft’s controller-free device. When she brought Kinect to her classroom at the start of this school year, the reaction from her enthralled students was “over the top,” she said. (more…)

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Sewing the Inner, Creative Mind

*UA alumnus Paul Nosa travels with his solar powered sewing machine, stitching patches of the thoughts people choose to share with him.*

Paul Nosa is a perfectionist – well, a reformed perfectionist.

A musician and formally trained artist who studied sculpture at the University of Arizona, Nosa is accustomed to art that is organized and linear.

But his current work stands in stark opposition. (more…)

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