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IBM Introduces Industry Platform Designed Specifically for Insurers

Built in collaboration with MetLife, platform will help carriers simplify customer experience and expand benefits in growth markets

ARMONK, N.Y. – 11 Oct 2017: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced it is building an industry-first insurance platform on the IBM Cloud that aims to improve the processes and economics for new product development, underwriting, and benefits delivery. (more…)

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Nuclear Spins Control Current in Plastic LED

Step toward Quantum Computing, Spintronic Memory, Better Displays

University of Utah physicists read the subatomic “spins” in the centers or nuclei of hydrogen isotopes, and used the data to control current that powered light in a cheap, plastic LED – at room temperature and without strong magnetic fields. (more…)

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Engineering defects in diamond for quantum computing and subatomic imaging

By carefully controlling the position of an atomic-scale diamond defect within a volume smaller than what some viruses would fill, researchers have cleared a path toward better quantum computers and nanoscale sensors. They describe their technique in a paper published in the journal Applied Physics Letters, from AIP Publishing. (more…)

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